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Here at Patches of Ordinary, you will find experiments with style, project ideas, and tutorials for learning and playing with watercolor, letters, and ink. In our experiments, we’ll attempt to bridge the gap between words and pictures in order to create meaning. Sometimes, the meaning will be deep and analytical and other times, it will be playful and light.

Have a look around. You’ll find various ways that I use pictures, words, and combinations to find connection with others and meaning in life.

If you would like the guided tour, here are some descriptions and links to help you decide where to start.

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Here you’ll find the latest project ideas and tutorials, any challenges we’re working on, as well as some practical thoughts on life and meaning.  

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Here you will find resources, project ideas and techniques for each category. There will be some crossover because I love working with watercolor and ink for lettering and pictures. If the project leans toward pictures, you will find it under watercolor. If it leans toward letters, it will be under lettering (of course!).


Here’s where you’ll find out more about me.


 Here you will find additional services that I offer. 


 If you need help with a project, have a question or you want to obtain my services, I’m happy to help.  


If you prefer the self-guided tour, then what are you waiting for? Let’s get clicking!

Splats and splatters are welcome here as is thinking in ink (thINk). It’s fine to get a little messy and make a few mistakes (or a lot! Mistakes foster learning). Patches of Ordinary is a place to find some inspiration and encouragement along the way. Enjoy your time!  


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